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Sort by. Showing 1-30 of 239 Lockers. Eaton ELocker Toyota 8-Inch Locking Differential for 3.73 and Down Gear Ratio; 30-Spline. (03-24 4Runner) $ 1569.99. Jun 11 - Jun 14. US Only, No APO. Eaton ELocker Toyota 8-Inch Locking Differential for 3.91 and Up Gear Ratio; 30-Spline. (03-24 4Runner)Male. First Name: Austin. 2001 forest green sr5 4runner. 3 in' lift,atermakret wheels, intake, flomaster exahaust, tundra adjustable front shocks. Hello everyone, I'm new here, and don't have a lot of experience in offroad modifications. I just got my 2001 sr5 4Runner. It's a two wheel drive, and I would like to switch over to a rear locking diff.May 17, 2009 · Originally posted by kellogg. the rear locker was an option on all v6 4x4 4Runners from 1996-1999, and in 2000 it was only available on the limited 4x4s. In 2001 and 2002 only the center diff lock was available. Not exactly. Mine is a 2000 with a rear locker, but it is not a limited. I think it is a "sport".The 2025 Toyota 4Runner lineup features two new trims ... Toyota has said that the electronic rear differential locker is standard fare for the TRD Off-Road, TRD Pro, and Trailhunter, which ...I had a few quick questions about A-TRAC II+ and Rear lockers on 4th gens. I owned a 3rd gen for 10 years and was looking at 5th gens but decided against buying new. Now considering 2007+ 4th gens and am slightly confused about the availability of these options. These questions were formulated after reading the literature on Toyota120 and the ...Toyota 4Runner Forum - Largest 4Runner Forum > Toyota 4Runner Forum > 5th gen T4Rs > Rear locker mod: User Tag List: Reply Thread Tools: Rate Thread: Display Modes: 01-21-2015, 07:47 PM #1: NewguyNY. Member : Join Date: Aug 2014. Location: Syracuse NY. Posts: 526 NewguyNY. Member . Join Date: Aug 2014.Dec 18, 2010 · A rear locker makes the back differential lock. This way you will have two wheels that WILL spin with center unlocked or in 2hi. If you lock the rear diff and center you have 4wd (3w drive) So a center locker will give you two wheels spinning (one front one back) a rear locker will give you two wheels spinning both rear.Cons: Icy or rainy conditions are gonna be more difficult to handle, you will have slighty greater rear tire wear, very tight turns will be more difficult on trails, and you will have to get used to that ratcheting noise. You cannot run it under power unlocked, as it locks at all timew when you are on the gas.Research the 2013 Toyota 4Runner SR5 at NJ Honda dealer in Hamilton. View pictures, specs, and pricing on our huge selection of vehicles. JTEBU5JR2D5126789. Sales …Foot lockers are a must-have storage solution for anyone looking to keep their shoes organized and protected. With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming t...BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android. $99.95. OBDLink MX+ OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner for iPhone, Android, and Windows. $139.94. Home Forums > T4R Discussion > 5th Gen 4Runners (2010-2024) >. Been reading a lot about anytime rear locker (blue wire) mods on older gen 4Runners. I want to know if anyone has successfully ...The largest 4Runner community in the world. Current ride: 2014 4Runner Trail Premium in Super White, BFG AT T/A KO's 265/70-17, Extreme Outback Portable compressor (100% Continuous Duty), Staun tire deflators, Safety Seal flat kit, full Husky liners Previous rides: 2003.5 4Runner V8 Sport edition in Magnetic Gray, 3" Revtek lift, BFG AT T/A KO's 265/70-17, plus all the toys moved to the 2014 ...Rear locker won’t unlock - HELP. Quote: Originally Posted by kolelt. It’s 3 bolts to remove the elocker motor. Tap it with a rubber hammer. And remove it. Slightly jack up the rear just enough so the tires are of the ground. And move the pitch fork to unlock it. I have the rear end jacked up and on jackstands.The largest 4Runner community in the world. Hi All I’m looking at the manual on how to use the differential lock. The manual says the following. Locking the rear differential The followi ... You can activate MTS or Atrac when the rear locker is engaged. It will effect side to side wheel slip across the front axle. It is technically monitoring ...91K subscribers in the 4Runner community. A place for 4Runner enthusiasts to gather. Coins. 0 coins. Premium Powerups Explore Gaming ... My last rig had dual lockers. I bought a rear electric locker the day I bought my 4th gen. But ATRAC works so amazingly well I never installed it.I am looking to get a 2010+ 4runner 4x4. what models of 4runners come with rear locking diffs? I know the old gens only the limited came with lockers. Living in Northern California, rear lockers are pretty important to me. How is the after market for the lockers for the 4runner?Rear flare: MOULDING | 4RUNNER VZN185L-GKPGK KZN185,RZN18#,VZN18# | Toyota | Genuine Parts Catalogs | PartSouq Auto Parts Around the World 1997 4Runner Limited 4WD E-Locker ~200k | Falken Wildpeak A/T3W 265/75/16 | Pro Comp 69 16x8 | OME 2906 | B&M 70264With the rear locker only you are in three wheel drive (both rear wheels and one front wheel). With Atrac you have computer controlled four wheel drive. It is not as good as having a front locker but possibly better than just the rear locker depending on the features you are driving on. DRH, Feb 1, 2024.MICTUNING Backlit Fog Lights Symbol Push Button with Wiring Kit ON-Off Switch Replacement for Toyota (White, Surface Size 1.54 x 0.83"es) $13.99. Home Forums > T4R Discussion > 5th Gen 4Runners (2010-2024) >. I was climbing a steep hill this weekend and decided to use the rear locker along with MTS to minimize wheel spinning on front diff.The Yukon Grizzly Locker is a mechanical positive-locking differential that’s engineered for rock crawling, serious trail running, off-road racing, and drag racing. The unit provides 100% power to both tires, while still allowing for disengagement while negotiating turns. The Yukon Grizzly Locker is a patented design that features innovations ...Toyota 4Runner Forum - Largest 4Runner Forum > Toyota 4Runner Forum > 5th gen T4Rs > Eaton E-Locker in 5th Gen User Tag List: Reply: Page 1 of 3: 1: 2: 3 > Thread Tools: Rate Thread: Display Modes: 03-13-2021, 12:39 PM ... I do like doing some more technical obstacles when I get the chance and having a rear locker makes things …The new FJ's have this, along with the rear locker, which, IMO, is an awesome combo. You can always add a locker to the 01-02 4Runner, though. The benefits of a 99-00 are: 1) Rear Diff Locker. 2) Higher ground clearance for some 99 models. 3) Available 5-speed transmission.😭😭😭That 929 "Cool Steel Metallic" (also known as "Lavender Steel Metallic") is so beautiful and probably the rarest colors on the 3rd gen.Aug 6, 2010. #1. Trying to research locker options for my runner project,,, Can anyone tell me which locker options are available for my 4runner, solid axle, which might be found at a junkyard? A high pinion, E-locker, would be fine for me (electric, or do the manual conversion, I'd be happy with either). Did this come in an fj-80? Or did the ...Jun 29, 2011 · Hope that helps. I am very close to having 4.56s put in front and rear along with an ARB in the back. They will install ARB for free if installing gears. $350 for the front $300 for the rear for install. ARB costs about $800-900, rear gears are $800 right now because you can only buy OEM, front gears are $300.Also Compatible with Select Sienna, Honda, and More), Connects to Rearview Mirror, Built-in USB Power Source, Easy to Install. $32.99. Power Stop K137-36 Front Z36 Truck & Tow Brake Kit, Carbon Fiber Ceramic Brake Pads and Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors For Toyota 4Runner FJ Cruiser Tacoma 6 Lug. $178.78.Feb 8, 2008. #1. I think I've read ever elocker retrofit thread here and on Pirate and everywhere in between. I want to regear my '85 4Runner to 4.56 and am considering using the factory TRD lockers front and rear as you can buy them new with 4.56 gearing. For $900 +/- per differential, it hardly seems worth regearing my existing open ...For the e-locker, you’ll need (7) 35mm M8x1.25 bolts and (2) 40mm M8x1.25 bolts. I used to order them. I reused the factory studs for the actuator. Since the stud nuts are only torqued to 18lbs/ft, just crank the button heads down pretty good and they shouldn’t back out when you torque the nuts. This was definitely a tedious ...Location: Beaumont, TX. Posts: 225. 2001 E-locker install question. Ok guys, i finally found a complete e-locker member/axle assembly. I have been researching and reading several thread and follow the retro fit thread mainly. I have a 2001 4runner and i have a grey/silver 4wd module already in the kicker panel under the steering wheel.Jan 21, 2005 · A taco or 4runner with a e-locker has a different 3rd member case. Looks like this. Scroll down to the electric locker diff on the bottom. Quickest way to tell if any 4runner has the factory electric rear locker is if it has the dash mounted switch.How hard is it to add a diff lock to a 4wd 4runner that didn't originally have the option? Discussion in '3rd Gen 4Runners (1996-2002)' started by Trekker ... Easiest way is to swap the entire rear axle with one that has a rear locker. Non-lockers are 8.4 whereas lockers are 8.0 so you can't just swap out the 3rd member. Kwikvette ...May 31, 2017 · In 4WD Limited and SR5 models, the 4Runner has open diffs front and rear but includes A-TRAC which simulates front and rear lockers by braking selectively. This is surprisingly effective. In TRD models (4WD only) the 4Runner has a physical locker on the rear diff and also A-TRAC to simulate a locker on the front diff.Mar 4, 2015 · 1997 4Runner Limited V6 Auto 4x4 w/E-Locker - 184K Miles OME 881/890 Springs, Tokico TrekMaster GU3535/GE3536 Shocks, 1" Front Diff. Drop, Front Frame Mounted D-Rings All-Pro 1.25" Hubcentric Wheel Spacers, 265/75R16 ETS Trail Master M/T, B&M 70268 Cooler (bypassed)Eaton ELocker Toyota 8-Inch Locking Differential; 30-Spline. (03-09 4Runner) $ 1419.99. Jun 12 - Jun 15. US Only, No APO. Eaton ELocker Toyota 8-Inch Locking Differential for 3.91 and Up Gear Ratio; 30-Spline. (03-24 4Runner) $ 1569.99. Jun 12 - Jun 15.The largest 4Runner community in the world. I turn my rear lockers on quite often in light mud (not off-road). They work fine for me when I don't need 4wd. I read on the forum where a guy damage ... Largest 4Runner Forum > Toyota 4Runner Forum > 5th gen T4Rs > Rear Automatic Lockers: User Tag List: Reply: Page 2 of 3 < 1: 2: 3 >Originally Posted by Inv4drZm. All the ones available for the FJ, Tacoma, 4Runners will work. This includes ARB air lockers, factory e-lockers, or a Harrop e-locker. They won't interfere at all with the AWD (full time 4wd) system. There's a local guy selling an FJ rear axle assembly with factory locker on craigslist.Factory rear lockers are somewhat expensive, and in order to swap them in you either have to replace the entire rear axle housing or have your factory housing modified to accept the locker third member. It would likely be cheaper and more straightforward to just have the third member pulled and have a locker installed. There's many to choose from.No contest. For general off-roading (camping, mild off-roading) and all-season (all-weather) use, ATRAC is superior. With ATRAC, you also have a superior ABS system (4-channel vs. 3-channel), rear disc brakes (4th gen only), EBD, and Brake Assist. The latter points are especially important when you talk about on-road safety.The largest 4Runner community in the world. ... If the truck doesn't think it is 4WD (no 4WD light on the dash), it won't engage the rear locker (unless the wiring is modified). Fix the 4WD problem first, then re-check the rear locker.-Charlie _____ '99 4Runner SR5 Auto - 4WD swapped '89 Camry Alltrac LE 3S-GTE 5spd ...Feb 16, 2022 · To start, I put the truck in 4H. I then put truck in Neutral. I then go from 4H to 4L, then put truck in drive and start moving slowly (Under 5mph) and then press the Rear Diff Lock button, The ABS light comes on which is good and the Rear lock light just flashes showing its trying to engage but has not yet.Eaton Truetrac Front Diff Locker. I have been searching for a front "locker" for my 06 V8 4Runner and the only thing I have been able to find as of yet without an air locker or Lakka locker is from Just Differentials. They list it for an 8" reverse front diff, part number 913A612, they list this as for a Land Cruiser/ FJ from 1990-2007, I have ...If you need to give your keyboard a quick wipe-down, you can use child lockers to temporarily shut it off instead of restarting your computer entirely. If you need to give your key...1997 4Runner Limited V6 Auto 4x4 w/E-Locker - 184K Miles OME 881/890 Springs, Tokico TrekMaster GU3535/GE3536 Shocks, 1" Front Diff. Drop, Front Frame Mounted D-Rings All-Pro 1.25" Hubcentric Wheel Spacers, 265/75R16 ETS Trail Master M/T, B&M 70268 Cooler (bypassed)Cost of installing an e-locker, worth it? I'm considering installing a rear locking differential in my 1996 4Runner base and want to determine if I'm going to have to do any work on the front gearing if I swap out the rear. I read in a similar post that the gearing is different in the locking diffs (even if they're from the exact same year, and ......

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Haven't seen any videos of rear axles breaking. It's probably the reason toyota offers the locker in the rear and not the ...

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Anyone have experience with a Lock Right locker or the Detroit Soft Locker in the rear differential of a 5th gen 4Runne...

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